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When Local Dairy Experience Counts!

Written by Jo on March 6th, 2017.      1 comments

When considering automation improvements in the FMCG sector it pays to employ a company that has a proven track-record in your industry and at your location. When it comes to local dairy experience in Australasia for production line automation, it would be hard to beat RML Engineering.
We are a product of the dairy industry having started over 30 years ago, and we develop and produce high quality process components for spray dryers and dairy factories. It’s with this heritage, that we have built on our foundations and have grown RML to be one of the most respected equipment suppliers to the dairy industry. Today’s capabilities are much broader than what they used to be and can be summarized within the following five groups:



Our extensive dairy experience extends to almost every dairy product type. We can show you examples of how we have improved and built lines in the following formats:
  • White and blue mouldImgage for Blog - March 2017 - Phtoshop-92
  • Cheddars in bulk, shred & block
  • Processed, IWS & SOS
  • Cream Cheese
  • Grated Cheese


  • Custards
  • Yogurts

Fats & Creams
  • Cream in Bags, Aerosols & Cans
  • Butter, Bulk & Portions

  • UHT in Tetra Pak style packaging and Gift Packs
  • Bottles
  • Bags

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Philip Rolando says ...
Well, in all honesty, everything counts. The recently told me how developing a local economy could be so much more helpful to the citizens. Their advice has been working pretty effectively.
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