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An Introduction to CIP & RML Retractable CIP Nozzles

Written by Jo on May 2nd, 2017.      0 comments

What is CIP?
CIP is “Clean In Place”. It is the process used for the hygienic cleaning of equipment using an automated system, without theRML Engineering CIP Nozzle Blog-174 need for disassembly of parts.
The automated system is used to deliver water and a range of cleaning fluids to CIP Nozzles mounted throughout the equipment. There are several aspects to the CIP process including:
  • Duration
  • Fluid flow rate
  • Fluid pressure
  • Fluid temperature
  • Fluid type / Chemical composition


What advantages does CIP have over alternative methods?


The alternative methods to CIP are COP (Clean Out of Place) and Manual Cleaning.


COP involves the disassembly and removal of the equipment to be taken to a designated cleaning area for a combination of manual cleaning and immersion cleaning.


Manual Cleaning involves training cleaning staff and conducting an assessment on completion.


Both COP and Manual Cleaning methods are labor intensive and time consuming. They introduce additional Health & Safety risks due to a high level of staff involvement. Additionally, manual cleaning methods can have varying results, which may lead to re-cleaning and further lost time.


The advantages that CIP has over the other methods are:


  • Time efficient
  • Very low staff involvement
  • More control over the above listed CIP process aspects
  • Reliability and Repeatability


The RML Advantage


RML offer customers a range of CIP Nozzles that have over 40 years of proven performance. Installations throughout the world total over 10,000 Nozzles.


All RML CIP Nozzles are retractable, ensuring minimal disruption to the product.


The RML range of Retractable CIP Nozzles include the following options:


Cast Finish

Fully Machined Finish

Visual Indication Flag

Reed Switch Feedback

AS-i Feedback

Fluid Open & Spring Close






Air Open & Spring Close






Air Open & Air Close






                      RML Engineering Retractable CIP Nozzle Selection-409
          RML Engineering Retractable CIP Nozzle Spray Pattern

For more information on specific models within RML’s range of Retractable CIP Nozzles:

or call Ronny on +64 21 319 263



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