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An Introduction to CIP & RML Retractable CIP Nozzles

Written by Jo on May 2nd, 2017.      0 comments

What is CIP?
CIP is “Clean In Place”. It is the process used for the hygienic cleaning of equipment using an automated system, without theRML Engineering CIP Nozzle Blog-174 need for disassembly of parts.
The automated system is used to deliver water and a range of cleaning fluids to CIP Nozzles mounted throughout the equipment. There are several aspects to the CIP process including:
  • Duration
  • Fluid flow rate
  • Fluid pressure
  • Fluid temperature
  • Fluid type / Chemical composition


What advantages does CIP have over alternative methods?


The alternative methods to CIP are COP (Clean Out of Place) and Manual Cleaning.


COP involves the disassembly and removal of the equipment to be taken to a designated cleaning area for a combination of manual cleaning and immersion cleaning.


Manual Cleaning involves training cleaning staff and conducting an assessment on completion.


Both COP and Manual Cleaning methods are labor intensive and time consuming. They introduce additional Health & Safety risks due to a high level of staff involvement. Additionally, manual cleaning methods can have varying results, which may lead to re-cleaning and further lost time.


The advantages that CIP has over the other methods are:


  • Time efficient
  • Very low staff involvement
  • More control over the above listed CIP process aspects
  • Reliability and Repeatability


The RML Advantage


RML offer customers a range of CIP Nozzles that have over 40 years of proven performance. Installations throughout the world total over 10,000 Nozzles.


All RML CIP Nozzles are retractable, ensuring minimal disruption to the product.


The RML range of Retractable CIP Nozzles include the following options:


Cast Finish

Fully Machined Finish

Visual Indication Flag

Reed Switch Feedback

AS-i Feedback

Fluid Open & Spring Close





Air Open & Spring Close




Air Open & Air Close

                     RML Engineering Retractable CIP Nozzle Selection-409
         RML Engineering Retractable CIP Nozzle Spray Pattern

For more information on specific models within RML’s range of Retractable CIP Nozzles:

or call Ronny on +64 21 319 263


Latest News from RML Engineering

Written by Jo on March 28th, 2017.      0 comments

Message from the Executive Chairman - Ross TownshendRoss Townshend-539

RML is always looking at new ways to provide better service to our customers.

We deal with big multinational and local companies and we also deal with start-up and early stage small companies. We sell machines from $10k to $1.6M and all points in between.

We relish finding new solutions for all of our customers and potential customers.

We are always keen to hear from customers, large and small about how we might help them with key issues that they have.

Changes at the Top

Deane Hogg has been the RML Chief Executive for the last 3 years and is departing on 31 March 2017. Deane has done a great job establishing some operational systems at RML and leaves the company in good heart and with our best wishes.

Ross Townshend will be taking over as CEO in addition to his role as Chairman and customers should feel free to contact him on +64 21 980 747 or

Creative Finance Solutions

One way that RML are developing, is by offering innovative financing solutions that provide:

  • Off-balance sheet funding    RML-c402-Two-Flap-Sealer
  • Tax effectiveness
  • Improved timeliness of solutions and benefits
  • Entry to machines that would otherwise be capital prohibitive                                    
  • Avoid locking in to solutions that might be quickly outgrown
  • Full service provision during the lease term

We are keen to discuss how we might find ways to assist with funding. We often see projects with impressive paybacks that stall because of capital constraints. A lease machine could deliver real benefits in a matter of months.


When Local Dairy Experience Counts!

Written by Jo on March 6th, 2017.      0 comments

When considering automation improvements in the FMCG sector it pays to employ a company that has a proven track-record in your industry and at your location. When it comes to local dairy experience in Australasia for production line automation, it would be hard to beat RML Engineering.
We are a product of the dairy industry having started over 30 years ago, and we develop and produce high quality process components for spray dryers and dairy factories. It’s with this heritage, that we have built on our foundations and have grown RML to be one of the most respected equipment suppliers to the dairy industry. Today’s capabilities are much broader than what they used to be and can be summarized within the following five groups:



Our extensive dairy experience extends to almost every dairy product type. We can show you examples of how we have improved and built lines in the following formats:
  • White and blue mouldImgage for Blog - March 2017 - Phtoshop-92
  • Cheddars in bulk, shred & block
  • Processed, IWS & SOS
  • Cream Cheese
  • Grated Cheese


  • Custards
  • Yogurts

Fats & Creams
  • Cream in Bags, Aerosols & Cans
  • Butter, Bulk & Portions

  • UHT in Tetra Pak style packaging and Gift Packs
  • Bottles
  • Bags

Contact us today about your dairy automation plans!

Things to consider when choosing an RSC Case Erector

Written by Jo on January 10th, 2017.      2 comments

There are many options when choosing an RSC case erector for your business. Investing in a reliableRML Engineering e025 Case Erector - Website
machine for your needs is paramount. Unfortunately there is much more to it then picking the correct size range and output speed. And with all those options, the water can become very murky. Quite often the business ends up with a machine which doesn’t tick all the boxes leaving everyone disappointed. 
With a bit of insider knowledge however, picking the right RSC case erector is actually straight forward.


RML Engineering Christmas - New Year Shut Down

Written by Jo on December 14th, 2016.      0 comments

RML Engineering Christmas - New Year Shut Down-246

RSC Case Packing Solution at Bluebird Foods

Written by Jo on November 18th, 2016.      0 comments

When it comes to difficult products to pack, it doesn’t get much trickier than small packsBluebird Foods Multipack Chips
of chips which then need to be overwrapped into snack multipacks. The outer bags
contain various quantities of single serve bags inside them, often destined for lunch
boxes or for snacking on the go.
The project required two RSC case packers. The project brief, however, contained a
number of other requirements, including a very compact footprint.  RML Engineering
delivered on the challenge providing a solution that was both effective and efficient.
Bluebird is the word in snacks and RML Engineering is the word in practical 
engineering solutions!

RML Engineering Receives Prime Ministers Innovation Award

Written by Jo on October 31st, 2016.      0 comments

We are excited to share that RML Engineering along with WIPRO, received the "Prime Ministers Innovation Award" for the Wipro Soap Packer which runs 500 bars per minute.

The award was presented at the New Zealand High Commission Reception in New Delhi as part of Rt Hon Prime Minister John Key's trade mission to India.

Pictured (from left to right) is Dr Raina (Wipro), Ross Townshend (RML Engineering) and Rt Hon Prime Minister of New Zealand, John Key.
                                           RML Website Blog Image 2

Foodtech Packtech New Zealand

Written by Jo on October 20th, 2016.      0 comments

Thanks very much to all of the customers that visited the RML Engineering stand at Foodtech Packtech and shared their plans for upcoming projects. We’re excited to follow up with you in the coming weeks.

In line with Foodtech Packtech's focus on packing automation, we displayed our innovative Robotic Cartoner which attracted may visitors to our stand.

If you didn’t get a chance to see us at the show, why not visit us at our factory in Hamilton.  We’d be happy to show you some of the projects we are assembling.


Bottom Load Case Packer Delivers Labour Savings For Pampas

Written by Jo on October 10th, 2016.      0 comments

Popular baking brand Pampas has recently taken delivery of an Blog Post 1 Image-7automated pastry packing line from RML for its Melbourne plant.
The solution, aimed at reducing repetitive manual packing tasks, delivered on promised labour reduction by converting manual case erecting and packing tasks to a fully automated line.  The bottom load case packer was specifically configured for the range of pastry products which included both flow wrapped and cartoned products.
As the product rate was significant, a bottom load packing approach was adopted which in this instance was faster than the equivalent top load solution.
The customer also has peace of mind with machine servicing provided by our Australian support team.
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