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The Mighty Bakery Cartoner

In October 2009, John Yarrow, founder and owner of the Mighty Bakery in Tirau, phoned rml Engineering looking for a replacement cartoner for their mince tart line.

The product was fragile Christmas mince tarts which needed to be packed into skillet cartons,  many with display windows.  To make sure the solution would perform reliably, rml worked with the customer to optimize the cartons to suit the automation. The solution was to provide Mighty Bakery with an rml p710 Intermittent Motion Servo Cartoner, featuring a fully automatic tangential in feed.

The previous cartoner that Mighty Bakery owned was manually fed with product but rml identified there was a big advantage for the customer if they could receive and load product automatically from the upstream flow wrapper, thereby freeing up nearby operators.

The tangential in feed includes a product stacker/collator.  Once the correct number of tarts has been collated and stacked they are loaded into the carton by the servo controlled pusher.  With the main carton conveyor also being servo controlled, rml could cycle the cartoner on demand as product was received.  With the hot melt glue being applied via a Nordson pressurized system, this was a huge improvement over the cumbersome dip tanks that the previous cartoner had.

The cartoner was customized with automatic product stacking, a bypass conveyor for food service packing and a simple emboss coder.
The cartoner is now up and running and in their own words, is running like a dream. Both John Yarrow and Phil Pell comment that they just wish that they knew about rml years earlier!

Mighty Bakery Case Study


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