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Nestlé Ice Cream Collator

rml were engaged by Nestlé Ice Cream in Melbourne, Australia to assist in designing and manufacturing a special purpose machine that could collate and stack tubs of ice cream.

The key functions of the machine were to be:

  • Collate either 1.2 litre or 2 litre tubs from a two lane filler out feed.
  • Collate and stack up to 100 tubs per minute.
  • Handle 'slippery' tubs where condensation and/or ice cream residue may influence performance.
  • Retain product accessibility whilst meeting the AS4024.1 standard for safety.

The rml s540 collator is fully accessible by operators whilst running and size changes can be completed in 5 minutes.

Nestlé needed to be sure this special purpose machine would be made to the highest design and manufacturing standards.  In addition it also needed to be durable, washable, safe and reliable, plus delivered within a tight 14 week schedule.

rml are proud to have successfully completed this project through a close working relationship with the customer.

s540 top hot tin roof


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