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Fonterra AMF Filling

rml Projects were approached by Fonterra to upgrade their Bulk AMF filling line at the Fonterra Edendale site.                                                                                                                        
Several important factors needed to be considered as part of the upgrade. The dissolved oxygen (DO) levels within the finished  packaging needed to be controlled within tight limits, production rate was to be maintained or improved and operator duties were to be minimised.                                    

Following an on-site workshop involving AMF operators, supervisors and maintenance personnel, rml Projects designed a concept utilizing a “Closed Loop” Scholle filling head.  The new AMF filler was installed early December 2007 and running vertical seamed packaging just before Christmas  2007.  In Mid January 2008, the first trials with the horizontal seamed packaging were held with positive results.
Packaging modifications were required, and were tested over February while the “Closed Loop” filler was also refined.                                                                                                 
Following the latest production run required for customer approval, the DO levels in the pack were measured at “some of the lowest levels”, seen by regional staff.  Existing production rates were exceeded.                                              
With room for further improvement, the requirement for operator intervention has all but been removed, dramatically improving safety and ergonomic issues.

The project has proved successful for all parties involved and rml Projects are looking to supply further equipment to Fonterra sites and other industries.
Fonterra subsequently ordered another 3 “Closed Loop” systems for other sites due to the success of the first system.

AMF Filling


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