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With bases in New Zealand and Australia, and over 30 years experience in delivering innovative solutions, rml are industry leaders in production line automation. To achieve our goal of providing the best possible project outcomes for our customers, the rml group is separated into five distinct functional subsidiaries. In this way, no matter what the size, complexity or nature of the project, rml are able to execute it in a competitive, and professional manner.

rml's team of multi-disciplinary engineers are able to help you with:-
  • Business case studiesrml_rondels_1.jpg
  • Project engineering & management
  • Risk assessments & safety audits
  • New erecting, packing or materials handling equipment
  • New process equipment
  • Specialised plant and equipment design
  • Electrical automation & process control
  • Plant relocations
  • Doccumentation & training
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Service and support


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New Zealand   07 849 3215
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